20,329 New Titles Added to EBL in June 2014

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We’d like to inform you of the new titles added to the EBL catalog in June 2014:

  • We added a huge 20,329 new titles to the EBL catalog last month, including an impressive 1,119 History and 926 Social Science titles. We also signed 30 new publishers, including ASBMB American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and University of Cape Town Press.
  • Over 600 publishers are currently signed with EBL - view our full Publisher list.

New title lists by subject area:

Exclusive Multi-volume Editions from EBL and Pickering & Chatto

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For the first time and exclusively available through EBL/ebrary, Pickering & Chatto’s multi-volume sets are available to purchase electronically.

Pickering & Chatto’s editions present carefully selected primary source documents from a variety of sources with extensive editorial contextualization. A wide variety of subjects are covered and each title is fully searchable. These texts represent a significant scholarly resource, previously only available in print.
There are over 180 titles to choose from, including:
•    American Exceptionalism
•    Censorship and the Press, 1580–1720
•    Clothing, Society and Culture in Nineteenth-Century England
•    Depression and Melancholy, 1660–1800
•    English Convents in Exile, 1600–1800
•    The Great Exhibition: A Documentary History
•    The Journals and Diaries of E M Forster
•    The Scientific Correspondence of Sir Joseph Banks, 1765–1820
•    Selected Letters of Siegfried Sassoon and Edmund Blunden, 
•    The Works of Elizabeth Barrett BrowningFor a full list of titles, click here.

EBL Scheduled Downtime June 2014

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We want to inform you that the EBL platform will be unavailable during the below mentioned times as we perform necessary server upgrades.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

  • Australia EST: 11 am to  2 pm (June 22nd)
  • UTC: 1 am to 3 am (June 22nd)
  • US PDST:  6 pm to 9 pm (June 21st)
  • US EDST: 9 pm to 12 am (June 21st)

If you have any queries, please email support@eblib.com and we will happily help.

7,406 New Titles Added to EBL in May 2014

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We’d like to inform you of the new titles added to the EBL catalog in May 2014:

  • We added 7,406 new titles to the EBL catalog last month, including 838 History and 638 Social Science titles. We also signed 20 new publishers last month, including 6 German language publishers.
  • Over 600 publishers are currently signed with EBL - view our full publishers list.

New title lists by subject area

For all inquiries, please contact us and we will happily help.
EMAIL info@eblib.com

Cambridge University Press : Pricing Changes

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Please note that Cambridge University Press has recently announced a significant change to how they set their institutional ebook pricing. More information can be found here:

When reviewing CUP’s pricing changes please note that what Cambridge considers “textbook” may not correspond with the EBL “textbook” access model.

Prices will be updated in the ebrary and EBL platforms throughout May and into June.

Pricing changes and your DDA program:

Even if you have a price limit on your DDA profile, depending on where your DDA profile lives, you may need to make some adjustments to visible titles or review your DDA consideration pool.

  • If you have a DDA profile with EBL and you have price limits in place your DDA profile will automatically remove any titles outside your price limit and you don’t need to make other changes.
  • If you have a DDA profile with YBP, you will need to review your visible titles for titles that may now be over your price limit.
  • If you have a DDA profile with ebrary, you will need to review your visible titles for titles that may now be over your price limit.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us about pricing changes and how they may affect your DDA program at support@ebrary.com or support@eblib.com.

9,390 Titles added to EBL in April 2014

  • We added 9,390 new titles to the EBL catalog last month, including 1,775 Business/Management and 504 Medicine titles. We also signed with Nova Science last month and American legal publisher, ALM Media, will now be distributing content via EBL.
  • Over 600 publishers are currently signed with EBL - view our full Publisher List.

New title lists by subject area:

For all inquiries, please contact us and we will happily help.

EMAIL info@eblib.com


EBL and ebrary Integration Update

As we move into the spring, we want to share with you the progress we’ve made with the EBL & ebrary integration – we’ve come a long way since May of last year!

We’re moving full steam ahead on the new ebrary Reader that’s in development, and will serve as the Reader for the combined platform in the future. We’re continuing to conduct user testing of each new feature set with student researchers, observing what works for them, what needs adjustment, and why. Some areas of recent research include:

  • Login and create account experience
  • Ease of navigation/finding key features
  • Streamlined print process
  • Highlights, notes, and bookmarks
  • Simplified download process (including testing the process for PC & mobile devices)

We are also conducting in-person meetings with librarians to include them in sharing our findings and getting their feedback on development. This leads us to our next big news—it’s not too early to express interest in participating in our beta program or to learn more about the pilot program that will directly follow. In May we will be confirming 6 -10 customers who will be included in beta testing.

With the new LibCentral up and running and the new Reader soon to follow, we have two major components of the new platform available to you – one completed and one near completion, ready for beta testing.

As always, we appreciate your input and support and encourage you to contact EBL-ebrary@proquest.com with any questions, comments, or to show your interest in the beta program.

5,507 New Titles Added to EBL in March 2014

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  • We added 5,507 new titles to the EBL catalog last month, including 726 Social Science and a number of Chinese language titles from Parkstone – international. We also signed with The American University in Cairo Press last month.
  • Over 600 publishers are currently signed with EBL - view our full Publisher list.

New title lists by subject area

For all inquiries, please contact us and we will happily help.

EMAIL info@eblib.com

EBL Unveils the New LibCentral

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Inventive administrative module will form the foundation of ProQuest’s integrated EBL and ebrary ebook platform

March 6, 2014, Melbourne, AU - EBL – Ebook Library, a ProQuest business, has reinvented its LibCentral administrative and acquisitions module, enabling libraries to tailor their ebook experience to fit their own and their users’ unique needs. The new LibCentral helps libraries streamline workflows, making discovery, selection, acquisition, and management of ebooks simple. With sophisticated tools, it provides the library granular access and permission settings along with insight into overall collection and Demand-driven Acquisition usage. Created through collaboration with customers, LibCentral is a substantial step in the integration of ProQuest’s ebook businesses EBL and ebrary, and will become the base of the combined ebook platform.

“Every library is different and the new LibCentral was built to recognize that. It provides the flexibility libraries need to construct an ebook workflow that works best for their institution and an experience that works best for their users,” said Kari Paulson, ProQuest Vice President and General Manager, Ebooks. “With its extraordinary range of options, the new LibCentral tips our hand, showing what’s ahead for our new integrated platform. We’re applying our deep experience to power libraries with tools to make ebook acquisition through any workflow simple, along with unique data and reporting capabilities that showcase the library value.”

EBL’s all-new LibCentral transforms ebook acquisition and management with expanded workflow tools that drive efficiency and reduce overlap. For example, LibCentral offers mediated or un-mediated options for Demand-driven Acquisition (DDA) titles with custom loan and download lengths by access model, supporting just-in-time collection development. While EBL’s sophisticated DDA profiles do the heavy lifting, LibCentral also offers one-click and shopping cart options for title-by-title purchases, support for selector workflows and integrated fund code and budget support. Further, a matching tool enables libraries to upload print or electronic ISBNs in bulk and then map them to the EBL catalog – another means of helping libraries avoid duplication.

Patron analytics have been expanded in LibCentral and now include an optional short survey that can be customized by librarians, allowing them to gather specific data on their users, all of which is private to the library. The data can be fed into all usage and expenditure reports, providing a new window into collection use.

“We have just been migrated over to the new LibCentral and it looks pretty swish.

We love that we can now view summary reports when we need to without having to export and collate the data. We are excited by the ability to import lists of ISBNs and anticipate this will save us a lot of time,” said Michelle Morgan, Librarian IRAM at The University of Western Australia. “In terms of the autonomy afforded the Library staff, LibCentral is a clear winner for administrative interfaces of ebooks.”

About ProQuest ebrary and EBL – Ebook Library
Encompassing pioneering companies ebrary and EBL – Ebook Library, ProQuest’s ebook businesses enable works from the world’s most authoritative publishers to be accessed electronically, online and offline, by libraries worldwide. With more than 24 years of combined experience partnering with libraries, publishers and researchers around the globe, ProQuest’s ebrary and EBL offer the industry’s most robust content selection and most innovative acquisition models. Only ProQuest provides libraries with so many choices to support their current workflow, optimize their budget and effectively serve end users.

Generated via ebrary’s and EBL’s relationships with 600+ publishers, more than 500,000 titles serve the unique research needs of students, scholars, professionals and other information seekers. Through platforms renowned for flexibility, libraries can customize their ebook collections to precisely fit with their users. EBL’s and ebrary’s Demand-driven and Patron-driven Acquisition models enable libraries to catalog and display thousands of titles, purchasing only if patrons download and use the works. ProQuest is currently integrating EBL and ebrary, creating an unparalleled ebook solution.

About ProQuest (www.proquest.com)
ProQuest connects people with vetted, reliable information. Key to serious research, the company’s products are a gateway to the world’s knowledge including dissertations, governmental and cultural archives, news, historical collections and ebooks. ProQuest technologies serve users across the critical points in research, helping them discover, access, share, create and manage information.

The company’s cloud-based technologies offer flexible solutions for librarians, students and researchers through the ProQuest®, Bowker®, Dialog®, ebrary® and EBL® businesses – and notable research tools such as the Summon® discovery service, the ProQuest Flow™ collaboration platform, the Pivot™ research development tool and the Intota™ library services platform. The company is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with offices around the world.

13,178 New Titles Added to EBL in February 2014

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